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individual therapy

The therapy room is a safe and supportive space to work through overwhelming emotions, personal stuck points or old wounds that interfere with your daily happiness or ability to connect.


Therapy also offers the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your habits and patterns of responding to the world so you can grow your ability to bounce back from life's challenges and overcome obstacles.

I'm passionate about helping clients deepen their relationship with themselves where they can better “tune in” to their needs, desires, limits and boundaries.


I use cognitive, behavioral, relational and narrative therapy approaches. I also place an emphasis on mindfulness and body awareness in my work, as these research-supported and effective tools for addressing emotional blocks, self-defeating patterns, trauma and anxiety.


I specialize in helping ... 

  • Anxious overthinkers struggling with a fierce inner critic that leaves them feeling stuck, depleted and frustrated

  • Individuals navigating a challenging relationship to food, drugs, alcohol, social media, or other compulsive behaviors.

  • Those who are unpacking their gender identity or sexuality, seeking greater authenticity, inner peace and self-expression

  • Neurodivergent (Autism, ADHD) people overwhelmed by workplaces and relationships that leave them feeling
    frustrated, isolated and full of doubt.


  • Sensitive and empathetic people seeking support for weathering life's storms with more ease and healthy boundaries

  • Artists & creative types as they process intense emotions, feelings of self-doubt, and questions of meaning and identity

  • Intellectual types who feel disconnected and “in their head” who want to become more embodied and in touch with emotions


I provide a complimentary consultation for all potential clients. During this phone call, I learn whether I can be helpful to you and you get to feel what it may be like for us to work together.

an individual in therapy talking with a feminist queer therapist in Austin, TX


Individual Therapy

Weekly or Every Other Week

$150 per 50-min session

Click here to learn more about fees.

Please Note: 
I am no longer accepting new telehealth clients. I meet with all clients in-person in at 100 E Anderson Ln, Austin TX 78752.


I am currently only available during weekday business hours. 

My sliding scale spots are currently (March 2024) full. 

Ready to reach out? Please complete this form to set up a free 20 minute Zoom consultation. 

Thanks for reaching out! 

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