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Providing equitable access to mental healthcare is an important value of mine. I use a sliding scale to determine the fee for all individual clients. Please know that availability of lower fee spots may be dependent on scheduling. Reach out to learn more.

Individual Therapy Fees

If you are ...

  • receiving social security or disability benefits

  • unemployed, underemployed and/or uninsured

  • on Medicare or Medicaid

  • an hourly service employee

  • not receiving family support to pay for therapy

Your fee is $65/session.

April 2023: All of these spots are currently full.

If you are ...​

  • a current graduate or undergraduate student

  • making $65k or less annually pre-tax

Your fee is $85/session.

If you are ...

  • making $66k-$99k annually pre-tax

Your fee is $120/session.

If you are ...

  • making $100k or more, annually pre-tax

Your fee is $150/session.

All new clients are offered a complimentary 20-minute Zoom consultation to answer any questions and give you a feel for working together before you commit to your first session.

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