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Providing equitable access to mental healthcare is an important value of mine. I use a sliding scale to determine the fee for all individual clients.

Low fee services ( $100 or less) are only available to clients attending weekly therapy. If you are in need of services that cost less than $65 per session, please click here for a list of more affordable individual therapy options in the Austin area.

Individual Therapy Fees

If you are ...

  • receiving social security or disability benefits

  • unemployed, underemployed and/or uninsured

  • on Medicare or Medicaid

  • an hourly service employee

Your fee is $65/session.

These spots are full as of Jan 2023.

If you are ...​

  • a current graduate or undergraduate student

  • making $59k or less annually pre-tax

Your fee is $85/session.

These spots are full as of Jan 2023.

If you are ...

  • making $60k-$79k annually pre-tax

Your fee is $120/session.

If you are ...

  • making $80k or more, annually pre-tax

Your fee is $150/session.

Couples, Family & Relationship Therapy Fees

Regular 50-min session, $170

weekly or every other week
Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays in-person

Extended 80-min session, $270

every other week on Fridays in-person

Intensive 105-min session, $360

once per month or every other month
Thursdays or Fridays in-person

In-person sessions take place in the North Loop neighborhood at 5555 N Lamar #E-125. If in-person, all parties must be fully vaccinated.

All new clients are offered a complimentary 20-minute Zoom consultation to answer any questions and give you a feel for working together before you commit to your first session.

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