Mental healthcare accessibility is an important value of mine. If my caseload is currently full and you are not interested in joining the waitlist, please consider reaching out to my colleagues listed below.


Each of these therapists are providers whom I know personally and can vouch for their cultural competence working with people of diverse identities and concerns. I can't guarantee they will have openings, as all of our caseloads fluctuate throughout the year.

Becks Byington, LMSW -

specialities: body image, queer identity, trauma-informed, perfectionism

Mika Tanenbaum, LMSW -

specialities: anxiety, depression, health at every size, body image, queer identity

Ricky Waite, LMSW -

specialities: burn out, attachment and relationship issues, queer identity, ADHD, anxiety

Jade Adair, LCSW-S -

specialties: substance use, trauma-informed, racial trauma, health at every size, anxiety

Bonnie Madison, LPC-A -

specialties: queer identity, body image, neurodivergence, trauma-informed

Nikki Williams, LPC PhD -

specialities: trauma-informed, racial trauma, couples/relationships, depression, anxiety

I also like to recommend the directory, Inclusive Therapists.  It's a free resource that will help you find social justice-informed, culturally competent therapists near you. Plus, it's created and managed by WOC therapists based here in Austin, Texas! 

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