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no more boring blurbs!

Good marketing is an act of service; it helps clients find the best fit therapist for their needs.


When I began in private practice, I filled my caseload in only three weeks through my own website and directory marketing efforts. (That's right, you don't need to use social media to find good fit clients!) And I am continuing to get multiple requests for full-fee clients today. 

Whether you are a new clinician or a seasoned pro, I'd love to collaborate on your marketing materials and strategy to help you do the same.


Before pursuing my Master's in Social Work, I worked as a professional writer in corporate and non-profit spaces. I've written marketing copy, educational materials, and digital content for social justice non-profits, private and public universities, and a B2B digital media company that served Fortune 500 clients including the American Red Cross, NASA Jet Propulsion Labs, Miller-Coors, Pizza Hut and more.


I am passionate about helping fellow therapists write content for their website, blog or social media that communicates their values while also helping them reach the clients they serve best. 


fees & offerings

The cost of my content and marketing services is based on what you charge for a full fee, 50-min session of individual therapy. 


Not only does this create an equitable price scale among therapists serving different populations, it also helps you make easier decisions about the best use of your time—working with your clients in session or developing your marketing content.

I offer package discounts when you select multiple offerings, or for clients who'd like to establish a regular working relationship. I also offer discounts to associate, pre-licensed clinicians. Send me an email to get started!

Here are just some of the services I offer: 

Consultation on Your Website, Social Media or Directory Profiles

I'll review your existing materials and provide your choice of a written summary or 30-minute phone call with actionable suggestions for how you can optimize your content to engage your ideal audience. 

Monthly or Weekly Social Media Strategy Sessions

For a monthly fee, I can be your marketing advisor, helping you identify a sustainable strategy that's workable with your time limits and skills. Whether your goal is to grow your audience, niche down for better fit clients, amplify your message or all of the above—I can help you get there.

Writing & Setting Up Your Google Ads Campaign

I'll take care of the tech setup as well as the copywriting to reach your target clients. After the campaign is launched, we'll have a 20-minute Zoom screen share where I teach out to maintain or edit the campaign without any further assistance from me required. 

Writing New Copy for Your Existing Website Pages

You'll tell me your ideal target audience, and I'll write with them in mind. Content will be optimized for search engines and sales conversions.

Two rounds of asynchronous feedback before final delivery

Personal Statement for Directory Profiles

We'll have a 20 minute call where I'll interview you about the message you want to convey. I'll write a draft, formatted for the directory of your choice. One round of feedback for final delivery, can provide edits for additional directories for a small charge

Ghostwriting Blog Posts

You assign the topic, or I can pitch you ideas
At least 2 research sources included, optimized for SEO

You can be listed as the author of the blog post

One round of feedback before final delivery

Setting Up, Designing and Writing Your Website

Created via Wix, can also set up a domain and email forwarding

Includes technical set up, basic design, and copywriting

Optimized for SEO and reaching your ideal client

Two rounds of feedback before final delivery 

Is what you're looking for not listed? I can create a custom package based on your needs! Send me an email to start the conversation.


ready to reach out? 

I provide a 20-minute complimentary consultation for all potential collaborators. During this phone call, we can explore your goals and current stuck points, and what it may be like to work together to optimize your marketing efforts.

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