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trauma-sensitive yoga

For some individuals, talk therapy is not an effective or attractive way of healing emotional turmoil. Instead, working with the body to release old pain and form new connections can be a promising path towards feeling better.

Trauma-sensitive yoga is not therapy, and I am not permitted to act as your therapist during our yoga sessions together. However, many people find trauma-sensitive yoga to be cathartic, restorative, empowering, emotionally healing and fun. 

I'm a 200-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) and have trained in Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Jenn Turner, LMHC, RYT, TCTSY-F. 

You do not need prior yoga experience, nor a high level of fitness or flexibility to benefit from and enjoy trauma-sensitive yoga. Sessions are accessible to all bodies, regardless of size, stamina or ability.

Unlike common American yoga classes, trauma-sensitive yoga does not emphasize the external appearance or "correct" form of a posture. Instead, the focus is on creating a safe experience to deepen your ability to tune in to your body's signals and wisdom. 

Participants are invited to be creative and to feel free to experiment with different forms throughout the session. Unlike many public yoga classes, there are no physical hands-on adjustments from the facilitator. I will be your guide, but you will lead your experience.

By focusing on the felt sense of the body to inform choice-making, trauma-sensitive yoga helps participants restore their connection of mind and body, explore their creative body, and cultivate a sense of agency that is often compromised as a result of traumatic events. 

You can learn more about trauma sensitive yoga by clicking here. Or please send me an email or give me a call. I love answering your questions about this work!



Group Sessions

$20 per participant, 60 minutes

Limit 7 participants per session

Group sessions begin with a gentle warm-up, progress into an invitational flow with opportunities to "choose your own adventure", culminate with a peak pose, and wrap with an optional mindfulness exercise and reflection activity.

** Group Sessions Begin September 2021 ** 

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Private Sessions

$50, 45 minutes

Private sessions begin with a consultation to personalize the experience, note any injuries and share where you'd like the practice to focus. A private session is a creative dialogue; I'll invite you to experiment with postures as you provide feedback on your experience and the sensations that arise. I'll respond and model suggested postures accordingly. Private sessions may culminate in a mindfulness and reflection activity or we can continue movement for the full session if you prefer.


Private sessions may be joined by (1) friend, family member or partner for an additional $10.


Yoga mats provided, but you're welcome to bring your own.

Please email me today if you're interested in starting your movement journey with me.

Yoga sessions take place in East Austin at: 

Motion Media Arts Center

2200 Tillery St #A 

Austin, TX 78723

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