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Walk in Nature

process walks

Science shows that we do some of our best thinking while walking, as the rhythm and physical stimulation works to create new connections in our brain while also distracting our “logical” brain enough that our more innovative, creative mind can come to the forefront. 

Process Walks are 45-minute “thinking on your feet'' sessions that help you break through creative blocks. I’ll use my professional experience in the arts and education space to help you work through your head game and overcome current blocks to your creative process.

You’ll receive the support of an experienced accountability partner asking the right questions to help you dig deeper, uncover obstacles, and gain new insights into achieving your creative goals. 

Each Process Walk includes an email summary within 24 hours that includes the highlights of our session and a summary of action items you’ve committed to take following our conversation. You’ll also receive an accountability phone call at a deadline of your choice to check in on the status of these next steps. 


As a kinesthetic learner and external processor with ADHD, I have found immense benefit in engaging in this kind of “thinking out loud” for accomplishing my own professional and artistic goals including: developing and launching workshops and programming for Chicago non-profits, creating and touring my own sketch shows and theatre productions, and collaborating with other independent artists to create films and web series.


Process Walks are not therapy; they are a form of creative ideation and support in service of a specific artistic or entrepreneurial project. As these “walk and talks” happen in public spaces, I cannot ensure confidentiality, since there is always a chance someone will overhear our conversation. However, I do promise to keep anything you tell me private as I respect the vulnerability and personal nature of the creative process. 

location & costs

I offer Process Walks at the following locations: 



If none of these locations work well for you, let me know. I can travel closer to you for a small additional charge.


Some people choose to engage in a Process Walk regularly for accountability and support; others engage in a series of sessions to jumpstart a project before falling into their own self-directed rhythm.

Process Walks can be scheduled during business hours, evenings or weekends per your availability.

Process Walks are $90/session and include:

  • (1) 45-min consultation

  • (1) follow-up email within 24 hours of our walk

  • (1) accountability phone call at a date of your choosing 


Or, purchase a package of (5) Process Walks for $375, for savings of $15 per session. 

Interested? Want more information? Email me today to get started.

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