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Why Radical Mental Wellness? The etymology of the word “radical” relates to the root of things; first as the roots of plants, and later referring to the root of our bodies and systems. In this spirit, I aim to facilitate “healing at the root”, by helping you to uncover and name the source of your stuck points—both within and outside of yourself—to find greater acceptance, ease and connection. 

Radical Mental Wellness is committed to anti-oppressive and trauma-informed practice to support and empower all clients on their mental health journey. I'm a proud advocate for social justice, human rights and person-centered care that affirms and celebrates all identities, neurotypes, and the shape, size and abilities of all bodies.

Part of this commitment includes offering a range of affordable therapy options.

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I believe that you are the expert of you. You decide the topic and direction of each  session. We'll set the course of our work together based on what you feel you need and where you'd like to go. Talk therapy is a relationship where I offer compassion, attunement, reflection, interpretation, behavioral strategies and education to help you craft your path forward to find your own healing.

When working with couples & relationships, I aim to help you map recurring patterns and locate the areas of repeated miscommunication or conflict. Then, we'll practice mindfulness, behavioral and communication strategies to more effectively connect with your partner. I aim to serve as a translator or interpreter to help my clients have better dialogues, especially about difficult issues. 

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